Karim Jute Spinners Ltd.
Abdul Karim Limited

Any enterprise starts small; grows big with the passage of time; continues and develops into bigger one by adapting itself with the changing situation and multiplies when it becomes too big to contain its own volume within itself.

Karim Group now a conglomerate of 4 (four) companies owes its inception to a small business enterprise started in forties of the last century and run by its proprietor Late Al-Haj Abdul Karim Miah. His farsightedness, sincere initiative, indomitable drive, keen intelligence and capable leadership helped the once small enterprise grow bigger and bigger in each passing year. Through long drawn, persistent and painstaking efforts he could finally give a definite shape to his ever nurtured dream. His dream came true when he could contribute a bit to turn the moribund economy of an underdeveloped area into a vibrant one, create job opportunities for many who would otherwise have remained unemployed and do something to uplift the society around him plunged in the abyss of poverty. So, each time when his capable successors take any new initiative, occasion arises to remember him with gratitude.

Late Al-Haj Abdul Karim Miah
Md. Jahangir Miah
Md. Zahid Miah
Md. Wahid Miah

The following named departments to be created in corporate office: Human Resource Departments:

Establishment Department;
Purchase Department;
Cash Department;
Accounts and Taxes Department;
Audit and Inspection Department;
Information Technology (IT) Department.
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