Karim Jute Spinners Ltd.
Abdul Karim Limited
  Brief Background of the company :

The company is a sister concern of KARIM GROUP. The present management viz-a-viz the directors of the company are the third generation in line of family business. Gathering practical experience from successful management and running of the affairs of Karim Jute Spinners Ltd. in all respect, they, in the process of expansion and diversification of business in new directions formed this company in the year 2005 in order to setup a cotton spinning mill. Now it is Spinning mill of 50000 spindles.

  Location of the factory :

The mill is located at Kalampur Dhamrai, Dhaka by the side of Dhaka-Khulna highway on an area of 793.50 decimal lands. Both sides of the road stretching from Dhaka to Manikgonj are fringed with industrial installations. The location of the mill is an ideal one from the point of view of infrastructural facilities such as road communication, gas and power connection and marketing opportunities of the product, the end users' factories being located in the nearby areas.

  Mill machine :

Latest and most modern machine for cotton yarn manufacturing has been installed in the mill. The composition of machinery is as follows:

•  Rieter Machine from Switzerland

•  Graf Card Clothing machine from Germany

•  Toyota Tsusho (Murata) machine and Simplex machine from Japan

•  Marjoli Dongtai Ring Frame machine from China

•  Overhead cleaner and yarn conditioning machine from India

  Production capacity :

At 100% efficiency daily production of mill is 32MT cotton yarn. The mill is running at the moment at 94% efficiency. Therefore, average daily production is 30MT cotton yarn.

  Product :

Product of the mill is 100% cotton yarn manufactured from very high quality cotton. Quality of product ranges from 16 count to 40 count both Combed and Carded.

  Volume of production (year 2008 & from January 09 to September 09) :

Average daily production of the mill is 30 MT cotton yarns of different counts mentioned above. Total production of the year 2008 was 9113.402 MT and that from January 09 to September 09 was 7099.72MT. This year's production appears to be lesser than what it would actually have been. The reason for lesser production is attributed to the recent Global Economic Recession during which time production was cut down by about 30%. But due to the strong financial position of the company the crisis could be faced squarely. The company, in spite of this adverse situation, has not let the bank credit become overdue.

  Summary of business plan : Expansion :

The mill went into commercial production in May 2007. From the very beginning quality of the product was so good that the market instantly responded very positively. Demand of the product have rose to such a height that the management had to take decision for expansion of the mill by adding 13926 more spindles to the existing 35604 number of spindles.Company has plan to add 4 (four) Rotor Spinning machines to the existing plant for manufacturing Denim Yarn by using own waste cotton.

  Business scope :

The existing plant and its expansion as mentioned above is backward linkage to garments manufacturing industries. Garments, as we know, top the list of foreign exchange earners. The sector, as it enjoys backup support from the government and as the global economic situation now is showing recovery from recession, has further scope of its expansion. Since yarn manufacturing mills act as backward linkages to garment sector there exists bright opportunities in yarn manufacturing business.

  Marketing :

Demand for Bangladesh made garments originate from its global demand. As Bangladesh garments are price competitive, there is demand for it in the western market. Since use of cotton yarn is directly related with the making of readymade garments, marketing opportunity for the product is bright. So also will be the case, as we hope, with the planned rotor spinning product.

  Brief of Group business background :

KARIM GROUP that has come to its present stature has long track record of business success. Originated from the grandfather of the present owners, the business began to flourish when their father Late Al-Haj Abdul Karim Miah took it up during the forties of the last century. He single handedly operated business as Jute trader, food grain trader, brick manufacturer, first class government contractor and supplier, fertilizer dealer and respectable business of different descriptions. Through his strong will, extraneous efforts and farsightedness his success culminated as an industrialist when in the year 1994 he established a jute mill at Kanaipur, Faridpur. After him his successors, the present owners, diversified, developed and multiplied manifold all the business establishments he left. With the establishment of Karim Jute Spinners Ltd. the group business is only a success story.

Precisely the following are the Group Businesses:

•  Karim Jute Spinners Ltd.

•  Abdul Karim Limited:

•  Karim Jute Trading:

•  Karim Filling Station:

•  Jobayeda Filling Station:

•  Hypoid Composite Knit Ltd.

•  M/S. Jahangir Store:

•  MS. Jahangir Miah:

•  M/S. Zahid Miah:

•  M/S. Wahid Miah:

•  Delta engineering works:

•  Service policy and operational Management of the company:

•  From Executive Director to MLSS there are ten grades in the service of the company which are as follows:

  Recruitment :

Recruitment is generally made through advertisement in the National Dailies followed by interviews.

  Promotion :

There is scope of promotion to the next higher grade if one is found eligible for the post considering all aspect of service norms and one's ability to contribute to the company through his merit, efficiency, capability and devotion to service.

  Increment :

Yearly increment is allowed considering one's quality of service and contribution. For outstanding performance one may be allowed more than one increment and other allowances.

  Gratuity and Provident Fund :

Business age of the company is now a little over two years. Gratuity and provident fund facility has not been introduced yet; but the company may consider the facilities in future.

  Group insurance :

Management is actively considering introduction of Group Insurance policy.

  Leave Facilities :

With one weekly holiday members of staff and officers enjoy all government holidays. Besides that there is provision for 10 (ten) days casual leave and 14 (fourteen) days medical leave.

  Disciplinary Action :

For any offence committed by any member of staff or officer leading to misconduct, disciplinary action is taken against the offender. But in such cases he/she is allowed right of self defense.

  Termination or voluntary resignation from services :

One month's notice pay is allowed or surrendered for instant termination or resignation, as the case may be, from services.

•  Operation Management of the company:

At the top is the Board of Directors which is constituted as mentioned below:

•  Mr. Md. Jahangir Miah, Chairman

•  Mr. Md. Zahid Miah, Director

•  Mr. Md. Wahid Miah, Managing Director

Policies and decisions taken at the meeting of Board of Directors is executed through the Managing Director who is the Chief Executive of the company. The Managing Director issues instructions to the Executive Director to implement the Board's policies and decisions and he in his turn implements the same through the established chain of command.

The Managing Director overseas the whole affairs of the company and evaluates performances and job responsibilities of all concerned.

Suggestions about solving of problems and/or proposals for improvement of work at the field level also come up through the same chain of command. Such suggestions, if considered appropriate, are accepted for implementation at the level which is empowered, entitled or authorized to do it.

There is an audit and inspection team headed by a Deputy General Manager to see and report to the management as to whether management decision is being properly implemented or there is any case of misuse, misappropriation or malpractice in the process of operational activities and financial transactions.



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