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The mission of Al-Haj Karim Textiles Ltd. is to remain as the most progressive and viable company across the country. We are committed to deliver a wider range of manufacturing competence in all categories with our integrity and consistency. We are committed to make our products available in the market with reasonable prices, on timedelivery and best quality.


Al-Haj Karim Textiles Ltd. has successfully set the milestone by taking inspiration from the past. We always implement innovative ideasto improve our quality and upgrade the position. The ultimate dream of Al-Haj Karim Textiles Ltd. is to earn foreign exchange over exporting and serving the clients magnificently. Also we have a long term goal to participate in the economic growth of the country with proficiency and experiences of production capability. As a company, Al-Haj Karim Textiles Ltd. always follows a planned step to attain all targeted goals and company development. In near future, we are hopeful to expand our business across the globe.


Al-Haj Karim Textiles Ltd. is committed to serve quality product to all customers and clients with goodwill. The customers' satisfaction is our main objective. We use effective resources to improve our production capacity. Besides, the target goal of the company is to gain reputation and the desired position in the yarn market.