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Managing Director's Message

Perfection from beginning lasts to end

Md Zahid Miah

Managing Director

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Karim Group, a company that has been providing exceptional products and reliable services to our clients for many decades. As the Vice Chairman of Karim Group, I am proud to say that we have achieved unprecedented growth in both local and international markets. Our commitment to keeping our clients as our top priority has helped us build a good reputation in the textile, iute and other industry.
At Karim Group, we are dedicated to providing world-class products and services that cater to the specific needs of each client. We are proud to say that our products have received excellent feedback from our clients, and we strive to maintain our high standards of quality and service.
I would like to express mv sincere appreciation to the diligent personnel and employees of Karim Group, who have been the main driving force behind the company's success at home and abroad. As a united family, we will continue to work together to maintain our excellent reputation and achieve our goals.


Hypoid Composite Knit Ltd is a reputed name in the current market and the business has been developed as per the demand of the time. The factory started it’s production by keeping client's requirements in mind. The company mission is to be one of the top progressive organizations in Bangladesh. Our vision is to conquer success and glory in the long run. Our prime goal is to be an inevitable company that creates massive value for our stakeholders and the economy of the country. 

The company started its journey in 2006 with a small initiative. The company is now established with hard work and contribution of our dedicated employees. Our management body is committed to identify and solve the problems that are faced by workforces every day. We have positively implemented numerous policies that assertively develop the competence and the lifestyles of our employees. 

We are passionate about our products and committed to deliver world-class products on time. We give full concern to the raw materials to manufacture our products. We are thankful to have considerate and receptive clients who have full confidence in our service & products. Our client’s affirmative response encourages us to expand our business.

We appreciate our employees and staffs for their continuous support.  They are working with pledge and devotion to accomplish customer’s expectation and dependency. They are the lifeline of our company and due to their remarkable service, we are now able to fulfill our consumer’s demands and continue good work overtime. I am grateful to Almighty Allah for our overall success.

With Warm Regards

Md Zahid Miah
Managing Director

Hypoid Composite Knit Ltd