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Karim Auto Brick Field is one of the primitive businesses of worthy Founder and started its journey late in 1944. After many successful years, the business is now a reliable name for construction solutions in entire south central part of Bangladesh. The company earned a positive image amongst our valuable clients due to high quality of bricks and timely delivery.


All the team members of Karim Brick Field are solely dedicated for the success of the company. We have achieved a good reputation in the market from our teamwork and strong determination.


Our prime goal is to be the market leader and exceed clients’ expectation. We believe in long-lasting relationship and service with them. The technicians and testing department are highly competent to pursue our goal.


Our customer satisfaction is our joy and the root of success. With the blessing of almighty and customers' faith, we have developed the industry as dependable name in the market. We are committed to work hard for achieving organizational goals and participate as rewarding role in emerging economic growth of Bangladesh.


Karim Group has Brick fields namely A.K.L Bricks, A.K.M. Bricks, M.W.M Bricks and M.Z.M Bricks.

Important information About Karim Bricks

Sl Brick Company Name Address Foundation Year Yearly Production Contact
1 A.K.L. Bricks Unit 1 Tepurakandi, dikrir Char, C&B Ghat, Faridpur, Bangladesh 1999 5000000 01711573659
2 A.K.L. Bricks Unit 2 Tepurakandi, dikrir Char, C&B Ghat, Faridpur, Bangladesh 2017 5000000 01711573659
3 A.K.L. Bricks Unit 3 Joair, Bakhunda, Faridpur, Bangladesh 2017 5000000 01711573659
4 A.K.M. Bricks Joair, Bakhunda, Faridpur, Bangladesh 2015 5000000 01711573659
5 M.Z.M Bricks Guholaxmipur, Adampur Beri Badh, Faridpur, Bangladesh 2012 5000000 01761563767
6 M.W.M Bricks Tepurakandi, dikrir Char, C&B Ghat, Faridpur, Bangladesh 1999 5000000 01711394568