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Management Team

With the present experience, we are fully confident with our recent experiences that we have built a professional dredging team. The team is efficient with their experiences and equipment to undertake any kind of dredging works across the nation. The team is committed to work in the project with professionalism and timely service delivery. Karim Dredgers Limited is led by highly educated and experience management in the field of Dredging. Besides, KDL has experienced senior personnel, sufficient number of operators and workforce to assist dredging operations.


KDL Technical Team

The technical team is our strength, consists of good number of senior engineers with excellent background in Dredging Works having Marine Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical engineering degree. More than 200 employees are employed in different dredgers and gradually the numbers are expected to increase in the coming years as the number of Dredgers will increase. KDL engineers, dredge masters and leaver men are trained by the DAMEN Experts and skilled in dredger operation.


KDL Project Events

Presently KDL is involved in land development project at Mirsarai, Chittagong under BEPZA. This project work started in January 2019 and is scheduled to be completed by December, 2020. Total volume of BEPZA Works is about 10.00 million cubic meters. Our second dredging project commenced in April 2020 at Bhola, BEDB in the Tentulia River and successfully completed in May 2020. It’s a Channel Dredging works and dredging volume was 0.75 million cubic meters. Another dredging project has just commenced in April 2020 at Mymensingh under BIWTA and it’s scheduled to be completed in next 2 to 3 years.

Besides, the company is also working on two more projects. Both of them are river digging projects. One of the concerned rivers  at “Four River Dredging”  project Bogura under supervision of Army while the other one is the Old Brahmaputra River of Mymensingh District. These two projects are supervised under BIWTA. We hope that gradually we will be able to slowly work towards revitalizing the entire river transportation network as well as reducing the  flooding problem of Bangladesh. A large project at “Jamuna Railway Bridge” project is in pipeline.

Project Name Location Work Particular Total Area Volume of Sand (m3) Start Date End Date
BEPZA Land development project at Mirsharai, Chittagong, Mirsarai, Chattogram – 4320. Land development of the project 935.5 Acres 9.8 Million m3 January 22, 2019 Ongoing
Protection of Tentulia River in Bhola District Under BWDB. Char Fasson, Bhola. Channel Dredging 1200 m 0.75 Million m3 April 1, 2020 May 15, 2020
Dredging Project Old of Brammaputra River Mymensingh Under BIWTA Channel Dredging 6 km 2.7 Million m3 June 1, 2020 Ongoing
Bogra four rivers re-Dredging project Sirajgonj Channel Dredging 7 Million m3 November 1, 2020 Ongoing