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Corporate Social Responsibility

To reduce the possible environmental risks all employees of KMIX give their best to ensure environ protection. Some vulnerable methods are applied to KMIX to prevent damage to natural environments.

  • Spray water frequently over the dust creating raw materials such as stone, sand. These steps are taken by the company to reduce dust emission.
  • To prevent river pollution, companies assigned people to catch water used in the cleaning distinctly for safe disposal.

Safety, Health and Environment

Health and safety is a significant factor for all industries to promote development. The production procedure of the KMIX always gives a prime importance on worker's safety. Overall production procedures are automated and well functioned. Overall production procedures functioned without any human touch.

Besides all this protection, KMIX always stays attentive about the possibilities of accidents. The company always follows basic safety measures in regular activity.

·         Check-up and maintain vehicles and machinery regularly.

·         All emergency equipment has proper access and maintenance facilities.

·         Overall factory monitored by high-quality CCTV camera.