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Construction business has always been a complex industry since anthropological civilization. This complexity can be difficult to define as it has a number of different connotations and related complementary organization. Therefore, an understanding of project complexity and how it might be managed is of significant importance. Its the most dynamic, risky and challenging businesses that involves high class management, earth filling, removing debris, erecting scaffolding, loading and unloading construction materials and assisting with operating heavy equipment. The Karim Group construction division is smartly arrayed with all the contemplated units in its account i.e., Construction, Equipment, Asphalt & Ready-Mix and Dredgers. 


Wahid Construction Limited is a sister concern of Karim Group, one of the leading construction companies of Bangladesh. It started developing its business as M/s Md. Wahid Miah, a proprietorship construction firm in the year 1991 under the umbrella of Karim Group. Later, transferred to newly formed “Wahid Construction Ltd (WCL)" in January 2016 by executing a legal agreement and undertaking with primary objective to concentrate in Govt owned infrastructural development works in Bangladesh. WCL has built a strong reputation in the country by delivering quality service, on time project completion and maintaining best possible construction standard since its foundation. Over the years the company has contributed in national development work and completed number of mega prestigious projects in different part of Bangladesh.

WCL has a well-organized organogram and a large fleet of construction plant & equipment with a separate Equipment Division, operated by highly skilled techni­cal personnel under the leadership of a veteran Mechanical Engr.


Abdul Karim Limited (AKL) is one of the oldest sister concerns of Karim Group and was established in the year 1998 with a core objective for operation and maintenance of its integral plant and machineries. The business of AKL is to provide construction Equipment, Heavy duty crane, Earth moving equipment, Forklift, Truck, Automobiles and heavy machineries for in-house construction projects and rental service to valuable clients. AKL supports various developments sectors, specially construction sector (Road, Bridge, Flyover, Underpass, Building & Structure), infrastructural development and industrial sector under the strong leadership and experienced management team. We have a long list of different categories construction equipment in the inventory of specialized, Heavy, Medium and small plants.

The company has diversified machines including Rotary Rig, Crane, and Heavy equipment, Tower Crane, Low bed Trailer to provide service solution for Road, River Bridges, Flyover and Building construction. AKL has built up a strong reputation for first class rental service and timely delivery through successful execution of good number of national mega projects.  


Karim Asphalt & Ready-Mix Ltd. (KMIX) is the recent addition to the Karim Group, was established in February 2019. KMIX is a reliable name among clients due to its high-quality products and timely delivery in Bangladesh. KMIX has become one of the leading RMC and Asphalt producing companies in Bangladesh within short time with hard work and dedication. The company started with only one small ready-mix plant with the capacity of 1-meter cube per minute.  KMIX has built another new high-functioning Plant in the mid of October to November 2019 at Goran Chotbari, Mirpur.

In July 2019, Karim Group added a new Asphalt Plant under KMIX at Goran Chotbari, Mirpur. All three operating plants have 240cum/hr production capacity. Besides, Asphalt production has a high-performance plant with 120tons/hr production capacity.


Karim Dredgers Limited (KDL) is a concern of Karim Group established in December 2018 with the core objectives to participate in national development, renovation works and assist in keeping the large number of river channels navigable, increase the capacity of channel drainage system by Dredging round the year. As of today, KDL has nine most modern dredgers of Netherlands and P.R.C. China in its fleet. KDL has moved forward to help the nation to recover its old heritage of river transportation by making all major rivers navigable.

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