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Corporate Social Responsibility

Jobaida Karim Jute Mills Ltd always maintains a pleasant and smooth relationship with native environments and societies. A safe and hygienic work environment is maintained in all operation units and the factory premises.We are continuously helping to enrich the quality of life of our communities through charitable giving and practicing in fair-trade.

JKJML takes initiatives to improve worker’s living standard such as residential accommodation free of cost, canteen, pure drinking water, tiffin allowance for night shift workers and pick and drop transportation facilities. We also have mosque and dining room facilities for the employees. To entertain and give them relief from mechanical life we arrange different get-together and yearly picnics


Safety, Health and Environment

JKJML always maintains Environmental, Health & Safety standards to safeguard the environment we live. The operation team takes several security measures to ensure workforces safety and wellbeing in the factory such as warning signs, firefighting equipment and safe exit of all workforces. Our safety teamregularlyobserve unusual activities that might create factory security hazards. Whole units are monitored with high-quality CCTV. The production floor has sufficient lightings. A skilled medical team remains on duty in the factory to provide emergency medical assistance to all the workers. We strictly comply with child labor, forced labor, racism, and gender discrimination policy.To prevent numerous health and safety hazard due to exposure of organic dust, all workers wear PPE such as masks, gloves, gown etc. during work.