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The mission of JKJML is to produce eco-friendly and biodegradable products. We want to be the leader of the jute market by offering the best quality jute products at reasonable price. We have the mission to explore new markets and spread our brand worldwide.


The vision of JKJML is to become a brand in the world of Jute Products and remain to serve both local and international customers with sincerity and dedication. We strongly believe in customers’ satisfaction and long-lasting relationship with high quality products. Our dream is to attaincontinuous success, growth and desired objectives in future.


Our prime objective to manufacture the best quality jute products in the International market. From the beginning, the Company plays a leading role in the economic growth of Bangladesh and offers top quality jute yarn and twins to all customers. Our products are the lifeline of our company. We shall uphold our brand reputation by delivering quality products.