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Vice Chairman's Message

Perfection from beginning lasts to end

Md Zahid Miah

Vice Chairman


I would like to extend my warmest welcome to our business associates, valuable clients and top-notch suppliers to our website.  A single word cannot define the constant support and reliability that you always kept on Karim Group. It is a great privilege and pleasure to share a few words with you about our business.


In the current pandemic scenario and dynamic market, it has almost been impossible for a face to face communication. Therefore the updated website would be the best media to sustain and create an unbreakable bond with our valuable clients. In this regard, I appreciate the effort of our skilled, responsible and passionate staffs for this extraordinary dedication in launching the website in a short time.   


Over the years we have faced several challenging business environment and remained faithful to our customers through hard work and commitment. In addition, we take pride in being a part of the remarkable growth of the Bangladesh business industry and national economy.


Karim Group has developed itself as one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh with more than 11000 employees working in a number of sectors; Jute Spinning & Composite, Textile, RMG, Shipping, Dredging, Construction, Transportation, Bricks and Energy.


We accomplished new heights of growth in the local and international market in the recent past and achieved a good name and fame from our exceptional products and reliable services. The vision of Karim Group is to keep our customers as our main partners and our mission is to provide world class products according to every client’s needs.


Lastly, it is an honor to be the Vice Chairman of Karim Group with dedicated management team and employees. I would like to thank all the diligent personnel and employees of Karim Group for visiting the website as they are the main strength for us who contributed to bring the company in its current position at home and abroad. Together as a family, we shall keep maintaining good work and achieve our goals.



With Warm Regards

Md Zahid Miah
Vice Chairman

Karim Group